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Holidaymakers 'Held Captive By Staff At Hotel Over Thomas Cook Payment'

Holidaymakers 'Held Captive By Staff At Hotel Over Thomas Cook Payment'

Thomas Cook holidaymakers staying at a Tunisian hotel claim they were held by captive by staff.


A number of tourists said staff at Les Oranges hotel were keeping the place locked-down last night over concerns that Thomas Cook won't pay up.

Guests have said security staff are refusing to let people leave - even those who have flights to catch - unless they pay extra money, despite the fact they've already forked out for their holiday.

Thomas Cook is currently having crisis talks with the Government in an attempt to stop the company collapsing, leaving an estimated 160,000 people stranded abroad.

Ryan Farmer, who is staying at Les Oranges Hotel, told BBC Radio 5: "It started at around 4pm there an announcement to call the people who are leaving today to go to the reception to pay this additional fee, obviously with this situation with Thomas Cook.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"They told a lady, who is over 80, to pay over £2,000 and she had just come out of hospital. She had a fall over here."

He continued: "Thomas Cook didn't explain anything at all.

"Guests who are leaving today, and tomorrow are getting the extra bill slipped under the door.

"And obviously they are concerned, and they come down and ask why and they are just being told to pay.

"The Thomas Cook rep is here as well and we are all trying to sort things out with the hotel, but they are just not interested.

"From what we gathered; it has to do with the owner of the hotel. The owner and the staff locked the door, they don't let anybody out and don't let any coaches in until they are paid."

He said the hotel has switched off the Wi-Fi, making it difficult for people to contact the outside world.

"We have been up to the gates and there are four security guards holding the gates closed and they're not allowing anybody leave," he added.

"It frustrated for the people who are trying to get out and trying to get home."

Other angry tourists have taken to social media to vent, with one claiming Thomas Cook hadn't paid the hotel which resulted in an elderly lady being 'duped' into paying more than £2,500.

Another guest wrote on Facebook to say the hotel eventually opened the gates and 'Thomas Cook apparently' adding that today the gates 'looked open'.

A spokesperson from Thomas Cook said: "We are aware that a small number of customers were asked to pay for their hotel room before leaving Les Orangers in Tunisia yesterday.

"This has now been resolved and customers flew home as planned. We continue to support our customers in all our resorts."

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