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Homeowner Shares Video of Hidden Lair In Basement Behind Bookshelf

Homeowner Shares Video of Hidden Lair In Basement Behind Bookshelf

The TikTok user let followers into their secret passageway

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A TikTok user has showed off a trick door that opens into a secret passageway in their home.

The man, who uses the handle @sancho483 on the social media site, was taking part in the trend where people share interesting quirks of their properties.

But while some might have a 'man cave' or a bizarre piece of furniture on display, this guy blew people's minds with his hidden lair, and for good reason, it's mightily impressive.

In the video, which has been viewed over 833,000 times, the proud homeowner can be seen giving a tour around his property when he comes across a 'not so standard' bookshelf.

He then pulls on a lever and it opens up into a set of stairs that lead down to a secret area of the house. What?!

After stepping through the opening, the man walks down the steps, which are dimly lit with candles, and into a huge room, which he says is under construction.

Those who watched the video were in awe of the creativity, though some admitted it looked like something much more sinister.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "HIDDEN MURDER DUNGEON, sorry I've been watching too much of Criminal Minds."

Another joked: "I watch too many movies to know that's most likely where a serial killer is hiding."

The door led through to a secret passageway.

Others were just jealous. Which is unsurprising.

A third put: "I don't even have a broom cupboard and y'all got an entire secret lair."

Last year, a travel blogger shared her experiences in an incredible suite with a secret bookcase that leads to a hidden room below, but only if you look carefully enough to find it.

The room was found - if you know where to look - at the Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast in California, right in the middle of wine country, and must be pretty high on the list of places to visit for connoisseurs and teetotallers alike.

That's because the hidden room, which can only be entered if you find the door handle, hides a secret reading room concealed at the bottom of a staircase.

It's called the Monte Vista Suite and it has a bookcase at the end of the bed. It seems they like reading quite a bit.

Well, if you do too, perhaps you'll look inside some of the books on the third shelf, and in there you'll find a golden door handle that will allow you to enter the secret portion of the room.

Featured Image Credit: @sancho483

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