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​Horrific Household Pictures Spark Debate Of What Situation Is Worse

​Horrific Household Pictures Spark Debate Of What Situation Is Worse

You wouldn't expect two pictures of a washing machine and a bathtub to go viral, but it's happened - and you'll understand why when you see what we're working with.

Y'see, the two household staples have become their very own Twitter Moment after surfacing online and prompting widespread confusion about their placement within each home.


Yup, while a few months back we were arguing about whether washing machines belonged in the bathroom or kitchen, now we're glaring incredulously at these guys - which are in a whole other ball game.

Youtuber Sarah Schauer tweeted the two pictures side-by-side, writing: "For the past hour I've been trying to decide which is worse. I honestly can't say."

As you'll notice, for some reason someone has decided to place their washing machine on a small shelf right above their toilet, meaning you'd probably end up having to clamber onto the side of the bath to reach up to the buttons and turn it on. And that's the best case scenario; imagine trying to sit on the bog with that looming precariously above you...


In the other photo, we see a bath installed right at the top of someone's staircase, just so you're able to step out of the tub and immediately tumble down to the floor below, your skin nice and slippery from all those suds so that you slide down those hard wooden steps with real aplomb.

Schauer added in a later tweet: "The thing is. The first one is like Russian roulette, there are times when you could shit and not die. The second one, you slip down the stairs almost every single time."

While we don't know where either photo was taken, it's sure sparked quite the debate online.

"As someone who delivers and installs appliances, that first photo gives me the cold sweats," one Twitter user commented.

Someone else wrote: "Washer over toilet! Shelf gives way... and you can get killed quickly."

A third said: "Sorting laundry while you're having a poo doesn't seem that bad, but that's an awful long way to drop the soap."

A fourth added: "Definitely the tub and stairs. If you have wet feet. Boom."

Others said the two scenarios were equally as bad as each other, with one labelling them both 'abominations'.

Another joked: "When you've built your sims house too small and don't have enough room for everything in the bathroom."

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Sarah Schauer

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