Workers Could Get 45 Days Off Next Year Only Using 18 Days Of Annual Leave

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Workers Could Get 45 Days Off Next Year Only Using 18 Days Of Annual Leave

Whilst in 2021, many of us are still just trying to leave 2020's pandemic year behind us, it seems like 2022 could possibly be one of the best years yet.

That's because you can potentially transform 18 days of annual leave into a mega 45 days off.

Next year, Good Friday is on 15 April while Easter Monday is on 18 April. This means, if your workplace closes on weekends and bank holidays, you could possibly get 10 days off work by just using four days of your allocated annual leave.

How, you may ask?

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Basically, by booking off 19, 20, 21 and 22 April:

Friday 15 April: Bank holiday

Saturday 16 April: Weekend


Sunday 17 April: Weekend

Monday 18 April: Bank holiday

Tuesday 19 April: Annual leave

Wednesday 20 April: Annual leave


Thursday 21 April: Annual leave

Friday 22 April: Annual leave

Saturday 23 April: Weekend

Sunday 24 April: Weekend


How good is that?

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Up next, there is the May bank holiday on 2 May and you know what that means? More holidays.

Check it out:


Saturday 30 April: Weekend

Sunday 1 May: Weekend

Monday 2 May: Bank Holiday

Tuesday 3 May: Annual leave

Wednesday 4 May: Annual leave

Thursday 5 May: Annual leave

Friday 6 May: Annual leave

Saturday 7 May: Weekend

Sunday 8 May: Weekend

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

But there's more.

Platinum Jubilee bank holiday:

Monday 30 May: Annual leave

Tuesday 31 May: Annual leave

Wednesday 1 June: Annual leave

Thursday 2 June: Bank holiday

Friday 3 June: Bank holiday

Saturday 4 June: Weekend

Sunday 5 June: Weekend gets better:

Brace yourselves with August bank holiday, falling on 29 August next year:

27 August: Weekend

28 August: Weekend

29 August: Bank holiday

30 August: Annual leave

31 August: Annual leave

1 September: Annual leave

2 September: Annual leave

3 September: Weekend

4 September: Weekend

Four days off turns into nine.

And we're not done yet with one more gift, which of course, comes at Christmas.

Here's what you need to do:

Saturday 24 December: Weekend

Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day (weekend)

Monday 26 December: Bank holiday (Boxing Day)

Tuesday 27 December: Bank holiday

Wednesday 28 December: Annual leave

Thursday 29 December: Annual leave

Friday 30 December: Annual leave

Saturday 31 December: Weekend

Sunday 1 January: Weekend

Monday 2 January: Bank holiday

In total you get a whopping 45 days for the price of 18.

You are welcome.

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