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How To Make Your Trainers White Again

How To Make Your Trainers White Again

Reebok have given us some much needed tips

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

There's nothing better than a pair of new trainers, but once you've had them a month or so, they usually start looking a bit grubby. All it takes is one night out or an unexpected weather change and they're left with scuffs and stains.

But Reebok have kindly given us some tips on how to keep your shoes looking box fresh.

In a video that they released on YouTube, the sportswear brand have kindly shown us step by step how to get a pair of Reebok Classics back to brand new. It's worth noting not to use this on any shoes with a suede outer, just in case any of you thought to try it.

So what do you need to clean your trainers? Well the video suggests you get all your stuff ready first. So dig your manky old trainers out first. Then you're going to need the following - a razor, a toothbrush, baking soda, water, nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide and a bit of washing up liquid. I would try to use blue rather than green or yellow, as it will make them look whiter.

So to make the magic potion that will bring your trainers back to life, firstly, pour some water and five tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl. Give it a nice stir together with the toothbrush. Then, squeeze one to two tablespoons of washing up liquid in to the mixture, and again, give it a good old stir.

Lastly, put one to two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (the stuff people bleach their hair with) in to the bowl. Give it all a mix together and you're good to go.


Take the toothbrush - which Reebok recommends is soft-bristled, and start srubbing the shoe bit by bit. Reebok say to make sure you scrub the tongue and then wipe the whole trainer down with some kitchen roll or a soft cloth.

Then take some cotton wool and wipe down the rubber sole with the nail polish remover, and if you want to, a razor to take off the bobbly bits on the inside.

To finish it off, make sure you throw the laces in your next load of washing.

If they have a bit of a stink to them, someone has suggested that leaving a teabag in them overnight can take all your smelly shoe woes away.

Hey, don't say we never do anything for you, lads.

Featured Image Credit: Reebok

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