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Huge Fire Breaks Out In Ibiza

Huge Fire Breaks Out In Ibiza

Thick black smoke can be seen pouring from the area

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A large fire has broken out in Ibiza.

Images shared on social media show plumes of thick, black smoke spewing out of the area.

Early reports in local media say the fire is in the Sant Josep region and started after a 'plot where there were flammable materials' spread to an 'area of vegetation'.

According to the Periodico de Ibiza, the fire became powerful and started to spread in a 'matter of minutes'.

The l'Institut Balear de la Natura has said two planes, three helicopters, two fire engines and 26 firefighters at the scene.

The Diario de Ibiza has reported that police and fire officials are evacuating several homes in the area as a precaution.

The fire is reported to have cut power to around 1,681 people. As yet no casualties or injuries have been reported and police have placed a cordon in the area.

One holidaymaker, who is staying at the Monterrey Hotel on San Antonio bay, told The Mirror the hotel lost power during the blaze.

He told the newspaper: "The hotel is in complete darkness.

"The fire happened about five hours ago.

"We were about three miles away and we needed to get back to the hotel to get my son's ventilator because he has asthma.

"Police had blocked the road off when we were trying to get back to the hotel but we managed to get here through back roads."

He said he spotted helicopters flying over the area dumping water on the fire and that is has 'died down' but it was 'really, really bad'.

Posting on social media, one person wrote: "Large fire in San Antonio Bay in Ibiza. Planes and helicopters are using water to try and control. Hope everyone staying closer than us are safe."

A second tourist wrote: "Huge fire in Ibiza. Smoke everywhere and it keeps on spreading. I hope everyone is OK."

Someone else praised the emergency services, posting: "Well done to emergency services, firefighters, planes, helicopters for getting water so fast to the fire in Ibiza.

"Hope under control soon and no casualties or injuries."

Featured Image Credit: @Charlotte_Le/Twitter

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