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Incredible Moment Baby Says 'Hello' At Just Eight Weeks Old

Incredible Moment Baby Says 'Hello' At Just Eight Weeks Old

​A couple over in Cheshire believe they’ve given birth to the UK’s youngest talking baby.



A couple over in Cheshire believe they've given birth to the UK's youngest talking baby after their eight-week-old newborn said 'hello' - and they caught the whole thing on film.

Parents Caroline, 37, and Nick, 36, were both shocked and delighted when little Charlie John Taylor-Mullington spoke his first word at such a young age.

To put it into context, kids normally don't reach this milestone until the 11-month mark. Looks like these two have a little Einstein on their hands!

The pair couldn't believe their ears when Charlie started speaking, so they did what any normal person would do and grabbed their phone to take a video.

Mum Caroline said: "It was magical. We had tears in our eyes. We were just in utter shock!


"My husband Nick had Charlie in his arms and was just saying 'hello' slowly to him. I think he loves Nick's deep voice.

"Charlie was saying 'hello' back a few times and we just decided to film it as we couldn't believe he was really talking."

Even before Charlie, who is Caroline and Nick's second child, their daughter Lottie gave the whole speaking thing a go at just six months old - five months earlier than the average.

The proud mum added: "We had no idea of how quickly babies learn to speak when we had Lottie as we didn't have any other children to compare her progress to.

"When Charlie started speaking, we knew it was mega soon for him and definitely rare!


"Lottie absolutely adores her little brother. We're so proud of our kids. It's amazing having the pair of them.

"We keep watching the video of Charlie all the time - it makes us feel so proud and we have a strong bond with him so early.

"He has so many traits already and he's a real smiler too!"

Maybe Charlie felt inspired by his chatty sister - after all, you can't help but pick up similar traits from your family.


Just take a look at Gordon Ramsey's kid, who he claimed at just nine months old was already swearing.

Granted, he was probably joking about dropping an F-bomb, but the celebrity chef claimed that son Oscar is following in his footsteps with a particularly discerning palate.

He already appeared to be disgusted by some butternut squash puree his parents had the cheek to serve him, with Gordon joking: "I think the words that came out of his mouth was 'F***ing disgusting'."

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and all that.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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