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Influencer Slammed Over Demanding Job Posting For Personal Assistant

Influencer Slammed Over Demanding Job Posting For Personal Assistant

Have you ever dreamed of waiting on a vlogger 24/7? Then look no further - we’ve got the job for you.



An anonymous influencer has been slammed by the online community after posting a job ad with some rather demanding expectations.

The unnamed employer - who claims to have over 10 million followers - is currently seeking a personal assistant to help them out with a number of tasks ranging from producing content and managing social media, through to cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring.

Despite the initial contract being 'part time', the multi-tasking PA will be expected to be on property eight hours a day and on call 24/7, and they must keep their emotions buried at all times.

Those who are up for the job will be rewarded $25 to $30 (£19 to £23) an hour for their work, and could even transition to full time if they are 'properly qualified'.

Per the original ad, which was uploaded on 29 July to "The ideal candidate will be responsible for a large range of activities and projects which will assist this organization's leadership.

"In this position, you should feel comfortable planning/managing calendar activities, being on property around 8 hours a day, cleaning, cooking, communicating with producer/videographer/editor/manager/all stylists/cleaning services/other celebrities/friends."

The PA is also expected to research and prepare for all pre-production, production and post production activities, handling all personal tasks for the Los Angeles-based YouTuber.

Describing the desired characteristics of this maid-cum-PA-cum-producer, the ad says the employee 'must be able to remain calm, rational, and hardworking at all times' and that they 'must keep all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world'.

The post goes on to say: "You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion, handle intense conversations, and bounce back instantly from any mistakes without emotion.

"You must remain sober yet social and inviting in very high profile environments. You can not take photos, post to social media, or be/seem driven by fame.

"Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over you must be willing to travel anywhere at any time."

And breathe.

If that weren't enough, below the description the influencer included a long list of tasks their employee will be expected to do.

This ranges from the significant - social media management, managing communications and planning filming, editing and posting - through to the menial, such as waking up the client with coffee and organising their bag.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people had a lot to say about the ambitious expectations of the unnamed influencer after New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz shared the listing on Twitter.

One user wrote: "It's the 'wake up client with schedule and coffee' that's killing me. You're also a f***ing butler lolol." Another added: "When I got to 25-30 an hour I burst out laughing."

A third commented: "This mentions being without emotion like five times - not a good sign."

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