Influencer Travel Company Told Stars Not To Post 'Insensitive' Photos From Dubai

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Influencer Travel Company Told Stars Not To Post 'Insensitive' Photos From Dubai

A travel company that organises holidays for influencers says it warned stars about posting insensitive photos from Dubai.

Keith Herman is the CEO of Trending Travel, which sets up free trips for influencers to all manner of destinations.

However, he said that due to the ongoing pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed as a result, he told clients he had sent to the popular tourist spot not to boast about it.

Speaking to the BBC's Newcast podcast, Keith said: "At the moment, there are a couple still aboard but they're coming back to these shores now - a lot of them started out there way before the lockdown and pretty much all of them are coming home.


"Some of them to be fair did extend, which is understandable cos they didn't want to come back to lockdown. There are still a couple who have yet to come home."

Adding: "We did have people in Dubai... Here in Manchester we went from tier 3 to 4 to lockdown...

"We sort of made the decision to ask the influencers not to post, we thought it was pretty insensitive at that point.


"There were influencers out there that we'd sent out, but there was a very fine divided line of should they be posting, shouldn't they be posting, and we felt it was the wrong thing to do."

When he was asked about whether he thinks influencers should be travelling abroad at a time when the majority of people are having to stay at home, Keith said it wasn't as simple as that.

He told the podcast: "In same breaths you could argue it's just advertising, like the ads on telly telling us to go away but...

"Each one of them had a good reason to go, whether we feel it was a good reason or not - none of them work for us. They are individuals, it's up to them whether they feel it should be there or not."


And commenting on those social media personalities who have been criticised for seemingly flaunting their trips away, Keith said he had little sympathy.

He added: "Some of them who have caught it [the backlash] out there have brought it on themselves 'cos they're posting.

"No I don't think they should complain about it, if you go on social media... you're in the public eye, you have to be careful what you do."


Under current UK restrictions, travel abroad is allowed for specific reason only, such as work.

And Keith says this means influencers are still able to get out to sunnier climes - though he's not confident that it's a wise thing for them to do.

He said: "You have to remember a lot of what constitutes work for them is doing vlogs or posting Instagram shots advertising diet drinks.

"It's work but in a very loose sense. But it's enough to allow them to travel. The free hotels offered in return for publicity are doubtless a nice perk too.


"But it has gone down like a lead balloon with their fans, and you have to wonder if it's really worth it."

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