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​Influencers Struggling To Get Home After Travel Ban Leaves Them Stranded In Dubai

​Influencers Struggling To Get Home After Travel Ban Leaves Them Stranded In Dubai

Denmark introduced the ban last week, before the UK followed suit yesterday

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Many European influencers have flocked to Dubai recently to avoid the humdrum life under coronavirus restrictions, but after various countries imposed a travel ban on incoming flights from the United Arab Emirates, some people have been left stranded.

Denmark introduced the ban last week, before the UK followed suit yesterday, adding the UAE to its 'red list' of countries.

Now it appears that many of the influencers who recently escaped to Dubai are now stuck there, having justified such trips as being work-related.

According to Vice, the Danish foreign ministry said it has already denied two-dozen requests from Danes in Dubai asking for help to return, as travellers were still able to plan their return through alternate routes - forced to transit in countries that allow travel from the UAE and offer reliable testing.

Among those currently stranded in the luxury destination is former professional footballer and reality TV star Niklas Bendtner, who travelled to Dubai a few weeks ago for what he described as a 'work-related trip'.

Nicklas Bendtner.
Instagram/Nicklas Bendtner

He also claimed he did not know about the new coronavirus variants when he left for Dubai in early January.

In a now-viral Instagram Story, Bendtner told his 460,000 followers he was 'doing everything we can to get home', adding: "We've tried to find a responsible solution for a while now."

While some people believe the move is a jab at influencers, the Danish government has denied that the measures come as a direct response to the ongoing debate, instead citing concerns about testing practices in the UAE.

Benny Engelbrecht, minister of transportation, said in a statement: "I have received several inquiries that confirm to me that it was the right decision to temporarily restrict flights from Dubai."

He said the UAE was in close contact with the Danish authorities to find a solution, adding: "Until there is a final clarification of the process, we're wearing both belts and braces to stop more infected people from coming into Denmark, in a time where we as a society are making a huge effort to keep infection rates down."

But actor and Instagrammer Alva Madsen - who has also been posting daily from Dubai and believes her critics are just 'envious' - says she doesn't believe the government's explanation, arguing it's a way to score political points with angry voters.

Speaking to Vice, Madsen said: "I had seen it coming, but that doesn't mean I find it less stupid.

"It's clear to me that it's a political decision, and that it's about making a show of power. It is not about looking after everyone's health, because it just means that, when I go home, I will travel to another country, and get on another plane with more people. It just means I'm at a higher risk of being infected and infecting others."

"We can always come home, they're just making it more inconvenient, and with a bigger risk of infection."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Alva Madsen

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