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Instagram Model Fined $40,000 For Bringing Prescription Pills Into Bali

Instagram Model Fined $40,000 For Bringing Prescription Pills Into Bali

An Australian woman claims she has been whacked with a massive fine after bringing in medication to Bali.

Tori Lyla Hunter flew to the classic Aussie holiday destination, hoping to tap into a bit of rest and relaxation to escape from winter.


However, when she went through customs and immigration, her bag was searched and officers found medication which that claimed was a Class A drug.

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Tori has taken to Facebook to explain exactly what happened, saying: "I never really got my holiday in Bali. I was arrested after going through customs. I arrived in Bali where I declared my personal prescription medications along with a doctors note stating my disorders, what the medication is used for and my daily doses.

"Turns out my medications are Class A drugs in Bali according to a fictional list they gave me.


"After speaking with the Australian embassy I was informed there is no such list. After 14 hours of interrogation I was detained and held in captivity for three more days.

"I was facing five years in a Balinese prison but was extorted for $39,600 as a bribe."

The Instagram model with nearly 120,000 followers videoed the whole ordeal as a way to show how she was badly done by.

Tori continued: "These people weren't just 'doing their job'. People bring my medications into the country all the time.

"They searched me on the internet, found out that I model, assumed that I'm loaded and that's why I was personally targeted and extorted for $40k.

"I wouldn't wish what I've been through this past week upon my worst enemy.

Credit: Tori Ann Lyla Hunter/Instagram
Credit: Tori Ann Lyla Hunter/Instagram

"I am hoping to raise awareness for those with mental illness travelling with prescription medications as well as raising awareness for social media influencers travelling and how they can become targets!"

Tori has started a GoFundMe in a bid to recuperate some of the cash she had to fork out to the Balinese officials. Not sure why people would want to help pay someone's fine but the story does sound like a bit of an extort, considering she had a doctor's note saying it was all good.

However the Smart Traveller website states: "You're subject to local laws and penalties, including those that appear harsh by Australian standards. Research local laws before travelling, especially for an extended stay.

"If you're arrested or jailed, the Australian Government will do what it can to help you under our Consular Services Charter. But we can't get you out of trouble or out of jail."

She's already attracted $150 so she's at least started her journey to making up the nearly $40,000.

Featured Image Credit: Tori Ann Lyla Hunter/Instagram

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