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ISIS Bomb Maker Killed By His Own Explosives In Central Iraq

ISIS Bomb Maker Killed By His Own Explosives In Central Iraq

Abu Moaaz was one an 'IS bomb expert' who had been involved in recent killings of civilians and police.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A bomb maker working for ISIS has reportedly managed to blow himself up whilst in the process of manufacturing explosives for the terror group in Iraq.

The blast took place in central Iraq's Diyala Governorate yesterday, around 15 miles north of the city of Baqubah.

The bomb manufacturer - who was codenamed Abu Moaaz, was killed by his own explosives, reports Iraqi News.

It is thought that Abu Moaaz had been the bomb maker who created the explosives that have been used in recent months in incidents that have led to the deaths of civilians as well as police officers.

A source told Baghdad Today: "The IS bomb expert, codenamed as Abu Moaaz, was one of the most dangerous terrorists and he was wanted on several terror charges."

File photo of ISIS militants.

ISIS have been in quite a bit of trouble recently, having been driven out of all of Iraq's cities in the last year as a result of a pushback from the Iraqi Army and a bombing campaign led by the United States of America.

They seized vast swathes of Iraq during a land grab back in 2014 and at one stage controlled some of the major cities there. At their height, the ISIS controlled territory stretched from the Syrian border all the way to the towns of Tikrit and Ramadi, not far from the capital, Baghdad.

However, they group has gained notoriety as a result of the brutality of their regime. Under ISIS, mass killings, kidnappings, and beheadings are commonplace and are utilised for the smallest of infractions.

This caused outrage amongst the international community and caused several of the world's superpowers including Russia, America, and the UK to mobilise against them.


From the Iraqi city of Mosul, they declared a 'caliphate' - an Islamic state under the governance of a steward, known as a Caliph - but that has now been quashed. Last year the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, declared that his country had won a "final victory" over the terrorist organisation.

Whilst they have been largely destroyed, some small pockets do remain as ISIS strongholds. There is also a growing number of ISIS-affiliated fighters gathering at Iraq's border with Syria. Just last week, 68 fighters backed by the US Army were killed.

A suicide attack on the town of Sousa occurred last Friday and left members of the Syrian Democratic Forces - a predominantly Kurdish alliance fighting against the Islamic fundamentalist forces - dead.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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