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Islamic Peacher Says Men Without Beards Cause 'Indecent Thought'

Islamic Peacher Says Men Without Beards Cause 'Indecent Thought'

Look, LADs, Islamic preacher Murat Bayaral isn't saying that he fancies you. He's just saying that if you don't grow a beard, men might fancy you a bit. It's confusing, you see.

He was appearing on Turkish TV show Fatih Medreseleri this weekend where, according to Hurriyet Daily News, he said: "Men should grow beards. One of the two body parts that separate men from women is the beard.


"For example, if you see a man with long hair from afar you may think he is a woman if he does not have a beard. Because nowadays women and men dress similarly.

"God forbid! You could be possessed by indecent thoughts."

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Erm, alright.

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Men Who Can't Grow Beards Using FaceApp To Grow One

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Bayaral is a marginal figure in Turkey - so his views don't hold much sway - but Magdalena Kirchner, a fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center, said many people in the country share similar opinions.

"Turkish debates on piety and modesty reoccur frequently," she told Newsweek.

"Erdogan declared in 2012 his intent to raise 'devout generations' and former Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arinç stated in 2014 that women should not laugh out loud in public."

A beard is recognised as a symbol of a devout Muslim man, although if you can't grow a beard yourself, it's worth noting that it has a lot more to do with science than faith.

Credit: ABC

A male chemical responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes your beard to grow.

It's synthesised from testosterone and has a profound effect on how Grizzly Adams you look. The more sensitive you are to DHT, the thicker your beard grows.

Your sensitivity to testosterone is down to genetics. So if your dad is middle-aged and still struggles to get past the stage of a pre-pubescent goatee, then you can thank him for your troubles.

Featured Image Credit: Fatih Medreseleri

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