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It's So Scorching Hot In Australia Right Now A Highway Has Melted

It's So Scorching Hot In Australia Right Now A Highway Has Melted

Here in the UK our idea of 'hot' is when it gets just about warm enough to wear a t-shirt outside without freezing your tits off. But Down Under right now, the weather's on another level.

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Australia's east coast is going to be as hot as the seventh circle of hell this weekend as the cities of Sydney and Melbourne are hit with a massive heatwave.


Temperatures are expected to reach 40C, and the weather is so sweltering that a 10km stretch of one of Australia's main inter-city highways has melted from the heat. Blimey.

People taking to the road to enjoy a sunny weekend found themselves facing traffic chaos as the tar melted on the busy highway yesterday, forcing drivers to dodge the gooey mess. We don't envy having to sit with the window open in that heat.

Australian authorities have warned local residents to avoid the area and to stay indoors over the weekend, advice which some people are already ignoring to take to the beach.

Melbourne will hit a high of 41C today and thousands of people went to the beach yesterday to enjoy the hot and dry weather - and probably make themselves look like lobsters in the process. Fair play.


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For those scared shitless by that type of heat, don't wear - the state of Victoria will cool down dramatically by Sunday with temperatures expected to drop to a more reasonable 21C as clouds come in.

Sydney and New South Wales will stay hot over the entire weekend though - the temperature there is predicted to hit 38C today and 33C on Sunday, while the capital city of Canberra will reach a maximum temperature of 38C. Better inhale your ice cream while you can.


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The extreme heat is expected to hit South Australia so hard today that the Country Fire Service is bracing for 'catastrophic' fires in some areas, with temperatures expected to reach an unfathomable 46 degrees.

Most of Tasmania has been slapped with a total fire ban too, with temperatures expected to be in the mid-30s and the risk caused by strong northerly winds.

While the Northern Territory can expect similar treatment, with temperatures expected to hit the mid-30s for the next week, we regret to inform you it won't last for long as rain and storms are on their way.

Hey, it could be worse - you could be in the middle of winter right now. Enjoy it while you can.

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