​Japan Has World’s Most Powerful Passport


​Japan Has World’s Most Powerful Passport

Japan has topped the list of the world's most powerful passports, having been ranked against other country's official documents.

The Japanese passport came out top in the Henley Passport Index, from citizenship firm Henley and Partners - which periodically ranks passports according to the level of travel freedom the documents allow citizens.

Its website explains: "The Henley Passport Index is the original, authoritative ranking of all the world's passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa.


"The index is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) - the largest, most accurate travel information database - and enhanced by Henley & Partners' research team.

"Expert insights regarding the latest ranking are available in the Global Mobility Report 2021 Q3."

Credit: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Japan's passport gives access to 193 destinations visa-free - or with visa on arrival - making it the best in the world, according to the index.


This was followed by Singapore with a score of 192, with South Korea and Germany in third place with 191.

While the Japanese passport was found to be the most powerful, the UK's came in seventh place with a score of 187 - tying with Switzerland, the United States, Belgium and New Zealand.

According to The Independent, the gap in travel freedom is now 'at its largest' since the index was introduced back in 2006.

Japanese passport holders are now able to access 167 more destinations than citizens of Afghanistan, which lies at the bottom of the list - its passport holders are only able to visit only 26 destinations worldwide without obtaining a visa beforehand.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Dr Christian H. Kaelin, chairman of Henley and Partners, said: "In many countries, serious doubts have arisen as to the ability to handle a global crisis, with the subsequent embrace of more inward-looking priorities.

"Increasing isolationism and deglobalisation will no doubt have profound consequences, among them further damage to the world's economy, a significant reduction in global mobility, and restrictions on people's freedom to make the best choices for their families and their businesses.


"It is clear that more than ever, people need to expand their residence and passport options."

The Top 10 Passports in the World

  1. Japan (193)
  2. Singapore (192)
  3. South Korea, Germany (191)
  4. Italy, Finland, Spain, Luxembourg (190)
  5. Denmark, Austria (189)
  6. Sweden, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland (188)
  7. Switzerland, US, UK, Belgium, New Zealand (187)
  8. Norway, Greece, Malta, Czech Republic (186)
  9. Canada, Australia (185)
  10. Hungary (184

Featured Image Credit: PA

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