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Authorities Prepare For An Increase In Halloween 'Killer Clown' Sightings

Authorities Prepare For An Increase In Halloween 'Killer Clown' Sightings

Killer clowns are back on the streets, wreaking havoc and terrifying families - oh wait, no it's some knobhead in a Poundland mask.

Yep, the craze that - surprisingly - started in the United States, involves adults who are just so excited for Halloween that they start celebrating weeks in advance is back.


Seems harmless enough, right?

Well, rather than doing what most people do - watch horror films, drink, and eat their body weight in sweets - these cheeky pranksters go out to try and scare the living daylights out of young children and whoever else they can to be honest.

And apparently the popular pastime is taking a sinister turn.

According to the Mirror there have been multiple reports of clowns terrorising innocent victims with police seeing a sharp rise in calls involving the creepy circus performers.


The children's charity Childline recorded a total of 120 calls from terrified kids in 2016.

And it has already begun this year.

According to reports on Bristol Live a man was spotted dressed as the murderous Pennywise - from It - and targeted a group of teenage girls and chased them through a park.

The incident was reported on a local Facebook group by a woman who said she knew one of the girls' parents.

She said: "The girls were frightened, screamed and ran. The person got up and chased them from Kingsgate to the One Stop near the common, laughing.

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"This is an absolutely awful thing to do to teenage girls. My friend's daughter is shaking with fear."

And earlier this month, police in Kent were hunting for a clown who chased two terrified teenagers with a bat on Wednesday night.

The clown was reportedly wearing a half-mask, red wig, 'clown top' and some black trousers with red trainers when he approached the two teenage boys as they made their way through an underpass in Chalkwell, Sittingbourne.

But it's not just in the UK where this playful pastime is on the rise.

Going under the name 'Clown Purge Sydney', the Australian group have become something of an internet phenomenon since they set up their Facebook page.

And this year they have stepped things up in the 'fucking terrifying' department, by asking people to share the addresses of unsuspecting victims, with the intention - I guess - of going round there?

If ever there was a plan that was not going to end well then this is that plan.

Some people have taken it in jest, with one person writing '123 Sesame Street' and another asking the bunch of clowns to come to '42 wallaby way Sydney' - which I'll admit, made me lol.

Not everyone saw the funny side - I mean, who does see the funny side of clowns? - and were very clear on where they stood.

One person wrote: "I wont hesitate to run you over in my car if you came at me and my children with a weapon and trying to scare us."


Happy Halloween.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Clown Purge Sydney

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