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London's First Vegan Fish And Chip Shop Is Here

London's First Vegan Fish And Chip Shop Is Here

Now even vegans can partake in the traditional British Friday night trip to the chippie

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Vegans make a lot of sacrifices for what they believe in - checking packaging, not eating cheese and often having a maximum of one 'choice' when eating out.

While many vegans no doubt regularly visit their local chippie for chips, they are obviously unable to go the whole hog (or at least, the whole fish) - until now (if you live in Hackney).

Daniel Sutton has opened an innovative restaurant in the London borough and the entire menu is meat and dairy free. Mr Sutton trialled a vegan option at one of his restaurants earlier in the year and was blown away by its popularity. Subsequently, Mr Sutton decided to open a new vegan branch of Sutton & Sons, enabling him to help cope with demand and operate a fully vegan kitchen.

According to the Mail Online, Mr Sutton said: "It's tough out there on the high street, and if people want vegan fish and chips, I'll supply it.

"There's no fish in our fish."

Instagram / Richard Vines

So, the burning question on everyone's lips: how, exactly, is there no fish in his fish? Simple, the 'fish' is comprised of banana blossom, which provides the fishy texture, and it is marinated in seaweed and samphire, which supplies the fishy taste. They also serve 'prawns' made from potato starch, as well as a range of vegan burgers and sausages.

The vegan fish is priced at £5.50 ($7.10) per serving. Mr Sutton said vegan alternatives are 'not cheap' as 'they're not full of E numbers, and for that you pay a premium'. He also said opinion was mixed with regard to the taste.

He said: "Some like the vegan menu better than fish, but other people say you just can't beat a bit of cod."

One of those to sample their first taste of vegan fish and chips on Monday was 32-year-old fundraising manager, Cat Thomas.

She told the Mail Online: "It's delicious. I don't think it tastes like fish, but I'd definitely eat it more. It tastes healthier than fish and chips, and is still good fried food that you could eat on a hangover."

But vegetarian Jen Shelo had apprehensions about the concept.

She said: 'I'd definitely visit, but it feels like a lot of vegan food is becoming less healthy, with fast food places opening up and serving burgers and fish and chips."

Some people online also questioned why vegans would want their food to resemble meat in terms of appearance or taste.

Perhaps the next gap in the market is a restaurant that serves meat and dairy food which appears vegan, serving up favourites such as lentails, chickenpeas and cashrew nuts.

Featured Image Credit: Sutton And Sons/Facebook

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