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Lonely Pensioner Found Lying Mummified Next To Homemade Sex Doll

Lonely Pensioner Found Lying Mummified Next To Homemade Sex Doll

The grandfather, only known as Valery M, had been dead for several months when he was found in St. Petersburg, Russia

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Sadly, there seems to be a growing trend these days of old people becoming isolated and lonely. If they've got no friends or family to visit them, they'll have no one to keep them company.

That looks to have been the case of one lonely pensioner who has been found dead and mummified at his home in Russia, lying next to a homemade sex doll.

The body of the 66-year-old man, known only as Valery M, was found by police after neighbours complained of a foul smell coming from his apartment.

East2West News

Officers broke into the man's home in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg to find him lying fully clothed on his sofa embracing the doll.

A photo taken at the scene shows the pensioner's corpse lying under a blanket, next to the doll. Eerily, a child's plastic doll - which was not wearing clothes - can also be seen in the background.

Police believe that the man had been dead for several months before they discovered him. Poor bloke.


It's speculated that the pensioner assembled the doll from items he salvaged from rubbish bins not too far from his home.

Officers confirmed that the man's body was partially mummified and that he had been dead for some time, Nevsky News reported.

"His body looks more like a mummy, but the 'girlfriend' lying next to him on the sofa has remained unscathed," said the report.

A map showing St. Petersburg's Moskovsky district.

The head of the sex doll looked to have been torn from a clothes shop mannequin, while its body was made up of bits of fabric, rope and old towels.

The sex doll was also found to be boasting a large bust which was made of pink towelling rugs.

Reports state that the man had not been seen in public for several months before his body was found at the property.

St. Petersburg, Russia.

It is believed that the man died of natural causes with the self-made sex doll by his side. A spokesman confirmed there were no signs of foul play or violence.

Authorities will now be carrying out an autopsy on the man in order to find out how exactly he died.

Featured Image Credit: East2West

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