Shop Owner 'Steals 500,000 Euro Winning Scratchcard From Customer'

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Shop Owner 'Steals 500,000 Euro Winning Scratchcard From Customer'

The Italian border police have stopped a tobacco shop owner from Naples from getting on a flight out to the Canary Islands after he allegedly stole a jackpot winning scratchcard from a customer.

According to La Presse news agency, the man didn't have the winning scratchcard - worth 500,000 euros, which is about £428,000 - on his person when he was picked up at the airport, but he did have a ticket for a plane bound for Fuerteventura

Whilst the man was stopped by police for the suspected theft of the ticket, he has not yet been publicly named.

It is thought that he took the valuable card from the customer before making a hasty getaway on a scooter.


The winner had come into the shop on Friday in order to get their win verified. The amount won on the card is the overall top prize offered.

The story goes that the woman who won purchased two 'scratch and win' cards, before handing the winning card over to an employee at the shop to get the card verified.

Stock image. Credit: PA
Stock image. Credit: PA

When the employee passed the card onto their boss, the owner of the shop for a final check, he allegedly kept the card for himself and bolted, racing off through the southern Italian city on his scooter.


According to the same news agency, he has been released on bail.

However, the story doesn't end there, because the winning card has still not been found, according to those investigating the case.

Measures have been taken to stop anyone unlawfully claiming the win, as the authorities from the Italian tax office that run the 'scratch and win' operation have frozen the entire block of card numbers that were given out the tobacco shop.

It remains to be seen whether the man is guilty, and whether the woman who bought the ticket will receive her winnings.

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