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Man Claims Strange Trick Makes You 'Poop Like A Champion'

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Man Claims Strange Trick Makes You 'Poop Like A Champion'

A strange trick is going viral on TikTok after a man claimed it makes you 'poop like a champion'.


The original method was posted by a user called @lessiamac, who claimed massaging a certain part of the ear helped ease menstrual cramps.


In her clip, she can be seen pushing the end of a pencil into an area near the top of her ear, gently massaging it.

This idea was then picked up by plastic surgeon Ricky Brown (@therealtiktokdoc), who explained some of the science behind it, writing: "Massaging parts of your ear helps with period cramps... Or the bathroom."

He then showed users a diagram to talk through the anatomy involved.

He said: "The upper part of the Y of your ear is the part of the anti-helix, and the upper Y is called the superior crus and the lower Y is called the inferior crus.


Credit: TikTok - @therealtiktokdoc
Credit: TikTok - @therealtiktokdoc

"The area between them is called the fossa, or the triangular fossa.

"If you look very closely at the diagram, the area of the triangular fossa is for constipation, but the area below the inferior crus is for menstrual cramps.


"So if you put the pencil right where she said to put it into the triangular fossa, then I'll bet you pooped like a champ, but if you slip right below the inferior crus into the area where it is for menstrual cramps, I'll bet your cramps will go away."

Brown's video has racked up more than 800,000 likes - along with the two million likes that the original video attracted.

And after he confirmed the method as 'fact', many others have been trying it out for themselves - including Sonya Maya (@sonyamaya), who told others in her caption: "YOOO try this! Lemme know if it works."

Credit: TikTok/@sonya_maya
Credit: TikTok/@sonya_maya

In her video, she gave the bizarre trick a go, saying: "Okay let's try this."

Shoving a pencil into the top of her ear, she massaged as instructed, before a shocked expression appears on her face.

"Probably TMI if I said it worked, but I gotta be somewhere," she said, before the video cut off.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - @therealtiktokdoc

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Jess Hardiman
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