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Man Claims To Have Found 'Human Hair' Poking Out Of Old Grave

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Man Claims To Have Found 'Human Hair' Poking Out Of Old Grave

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

A man claims to have found 'human hair' poking out of a '100-year-old grave', in turn terrifying TikTok users.


Joel Morrison, 37, was visiting a graveyard in California when he made the bizarre discovery.

He recalled how he walked past a grave he estimated was 100 years old, which was when he clocked a large section of 'hair' poking out of a tomb.

Morrison said: "When I first saw it, I was shocked - I wasn't exactly sure what I was seeing was real.

"But upon closer inspection I realised that it was definitely human hair coming out of the grave.

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

"After coming to terms with what I had seen I then started to feel bad for the deceased family members and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery, feeling kind of like maybe they were being disrespected or desecrated in some way.

"Upon further inspection I saw that there were many other graves that were being destroyed by squirrels and other animals and overgrown trees damaging the tombs and graves."

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

When he went back to investigate on another day, Morrison found similar scenes, although the 'hair' was apparently pushed back into the crack - something he reckons may have been the handiwork of the groundskeeper.

He continued: "What looks like happened to me was there was a large tree very close to the tomb/grave and the roots from the tree had grown up into the grave, disrupting the concrete barrier and brick mortar, possibly pushing up the remains.

"Then once the grave was opened squirrels, rodents and whatever other animals were free to go in and out. It looks like maybe they were trying to nest in the human hair."

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

Morrison videoed what he saw and shared the footage on TikTok, where it tacked up more than 1.5 million views and 290,000 likes.

Many people commented to say they were 'creeped out', and 'shivered' while watching the clip.

One wrote: "OK, no! That's the scariest thing I've ever seen. No way."

Someone else added: "This is craaaazzzy freaky!"

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

Others shared theories about what they thought may have happened, with one suggesting: "Y'all: this definitely can occur, especially after heavy floods and rain. This can unfortunately bring up the bodies."

Another said: "Seems like they're buried near a tree. A funeral director once suggested to not be buried near trees as something like this might happen."

A third said the grave may have been 'moved' by grave robbers or 'vampires', while a fourth offered: "Animal probably found the hole and tried to bring it out to make a bed in its nest."

Morrison said he now plans to have a sample of the hair taken to the coroner's office to identify whether or not it is human.

LADbible has contacted the church for a comment.

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Jess Hardiman
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