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Man Who Saved Crowds From Dangerous Driver With Drop Kick Speaks Out

Man Who Saved Crowds From Dangerous Driver With Drop Kick Speaks Out

Klodian Elqeni said he decided he needed to take action to stop the driver

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A man who risked his life to stop a dangerous driver from injuring bystanders in a major square in the capital of Albania has spoken out. Watch his heroic drop kick here:

Footage - which was caught by news crews in place to cover the country's general election - shows the terrifying moment a damaged car rampaged through Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, on Sunday (25 April).

Fortunately for the crowds on the pedestrianised square, many of whom were queueing up to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, Klodian Elqeni happened to be passing by, and he took the matter into his own hands - or feet.

Video from the scene shows him sprinting at the car and executing a flying kick through the driver's window.

Police were subsequently able to detain the 32-year-old driver, who had previously crashed into three other cars across the city and was believed to be under the influence of drugs.

Klodian said he felt compelled to take decisive action.

Klodian threw caution to the wind.
ABC News

Speaking to Albanian TV channel ABC News, he said: "I was accidentally in the square, I was walking there.

"I was very far away when I saw the car that came rushing. It made a lot of noise and we were all shocked. It was very close to the vaccination centre.

"People approached him. Police opened the door and knocked. He continued to do those dangerous actions. I thought the only way to stop him was to jump out the window.

"I was pushed by the lives of innocent people, no one deserves to die in Skanderbeg Square for no reason.

"I fell with both feet on his face and he lay down, then they caught him."

Report TV

Klodian is no stranger to a tussle, having grown up dreaming of becoming a boxer, and he said his family were filled with both fear and pride when they saw the footage.

He added: "My family in Sweden are speechless. They say, 'where did you find the courage?' They say they are very proud."

Klodian was thanked by the President of Albania Ilir Meta, who said: "Thank you and deepest gratitude to Klodian's heroic act, which saved the lives of dozens of citizens today and prevented a very serious event in Skanderbeg Square.

"Today on the Day of Sovereign, Democracy and Citizenship, his act is an inspiring example for all!"

A statement from the police said nobody was injured in the incident and a quantity of cannabis was seized from the driver. Investigations are ongoing.

Featured Image Credit: ATV Kosovo/Syri TV/ABC

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