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​Marathon Runners Cross Finish Line Holding Hands As Final Competitors

​Marathon Runners Cross Finish Line Holding Hands As Final Competitors

They struck up a bond and vowed not to finish without each other

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Two marathon runners were filmed crossing the race finish line holding hands, ending the race together as the two final competitors.

Laura Mazur and Jessica Robertson were complete strangers when they started the Pittsburgh Marathon in Pennsylvania on Sunday 5 May.

But by the time the two had become the last remaining participants to complete the marathon, they had struck up a strong bond - and eventually crossed the line together holding hands, having vowed not to end the race without each other.

Mazur - who was running her 12th marathon - and Robertson - who was completing her first - ended up finishing the mega race in seven hours and 22 minutes.

"She said 'I'll make you a promise'," Robertson, from Braddock, told ABC.

"'I won't leave you if you don't leave me, no matter what we'll go across together.'

"I said 'Well I promise I won't leave you because I can't do this alone'."

She added: "Crossing the finish line hand-in-hand with Laura was truly an amazing moment. It showed me that I'm stronger than I knew and that I can accomplish anything with friends and family in my corner."

The two runners crossing the finish line.

Mazur, of New Bremen, Ohio, thanked race organisers for keeping the finish line intact in order to let her and Robertson finish.

"They could've torn it down at any time but, you know, all the mile markers were intact. All the water was still there and we just got to finish like everybody else and I really appreciate that," she said.

In the news segment, Mazur had a message for her new friend, telling Robertson: "Thank you so much for being there, right beside me the whole time and just being there for me.

"I'll hold your hand anytime, honey."

The heartwarming moment where the two women crossed the finish line hand-in-hand was captured by Daniel Heckert, who posted the snap on Facebook, writing: "This is what the Pittsburgh running community is all about. I am constantly in awe about how much of a family this group is and how rewarding it is to cheer other runners along their journey... These two ladies showed what it means to never quit. They were not the last two runners... They are Both Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon FINISHERS!!!"

Well done for completing the race, guys!

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Heckert/Facebook

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