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Mexican Police Find Three Severed Heads As Rampant Bloodshed Continues

Mexican Police Find Three Severed Heads As Rampant Bloodshed Continues

Dozens of people have been brutally murdered in the last few months and the carnage is happening at major tourist spots

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Mexico has been dealing with violence and bloodshed for decades and it looks as though it's only getting worse. It's afflicting villages, cities and major tourist destinations, and police are working hard to clamp down on warring drug cartels who are at the centre of the carnage.

Officers in Veracruz have made a grisly discovery behind a family restaurant: three severed heads with a note left next to them.

Films and TV shows portray Mexican gangs as ruthless and outrageous in their killing methods and it doesn't seem as if writers are embellishing anything when they take inspiration from real-life events. There's no word on what the note said but we can probably deduce that it wasn't a poem.

The victims' heads, belonging to two men and a woman, were located in Tecolutla, which has an economy virtually completely dependent on tourism.

A Mexican Army spokesperson told local media: "There were reports that unknown individuals threw them from a moving vehicle during the early hours."


This is just one of dozens of murders that have ravaged the country in the last few months, raising concerns about whether tourists are truly safe. Stories of murder and torture appear to be cropping up more regularly, as is petty crime.

Anna Martin was staying in Tulum in the Yucatán peninsula when she says someone cloned her hotel card and broke into her room.

She told LADbible: "[The thieves] took £2200 worth of possessions in total - they took an iPhone, £1500 in jewellery and £300 in Mexican pesos. I have since been carrying out research and can see that his has happened numerous times across Cancún, Tulum and Akumal. There are references to non-disclosure forms being signed in an effort to silence tourists."

As Anna mentioned, Cancún is also being affected by the bloodshed.

The city has been hit by a raft of killings related to the ongoing drug trade and the extortion of locals.

The murder rate has doubled in the past year, with over 100 murders committed since the start of 2018. Fourteen people were killed in one weekend at the beginning of April and five bodies were found stuffed into the back of a truck.

Tourism is worth billions of dollars to Cancún's economy - and Mexico's - but there are fears that the resort will go the way of Acapulco, which was once one of the most glamorous destinations in the world but is now the murder capital of the world.

Thousands of British people visit Cancún every year, with the majority unaware of the problems that exist outside of the walls of their resorts. Extortion is a major problem, with locals forced to pay protection money to gangsters.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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