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Mila Kunis Had Embarrassing Advice For Ashton Kutcher Over Uber Investment

Mila Kunis Had Embarrassing Advice For Ashton Kutcher Over Uber Investment

The actor revealed she was well against the idea

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Mila Kunis has revealed the advice she gave to Ashton Kutcher when he told her he wanted to invest in Uber.

The actor said she didn't understand the idea and wasn't exactly fully on board with it when her now-husband explained what he was planning to do.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, the 37-year-old said she called it the 'worst idea ever'.

"I am a big consumer, I feel like I have really good gut instincts on consumer goods, and so, if it's coming out of our personal account. I do vet all the companies," she said.

"Early into our dating, two things came up. He was, like, 'Hey, there's this kind of company, it's kind of like a rideshare... It's like a cab company, but anyone can drive the cab.'

"I was, like, 'You're going to put me in a car with a stranger? What is wrong with you?' Like, I was furious at him."

But this isn't the only wild venture that 43-year-old Kutcher has discussed with her.

Looking back, she said: "'He sat me down and was, like, 'Hey, I got to explain this to you, tell me if I'm crazy. There's this thing, it's like mining for money, it's called cryptocurrency, it's called Bitcoin.'

"I went, 'This is a horrible idea,' and he went, 'Cool, we're investing in it.'"

But as Colbert pointed out, it's a good thing Kutcher decided to put some money into Bitcoin, as it's definitely paid off.

The host explained that one of his friends reminds him on a weekly basis that if they had started mining Bitcoin years ago, he would be able to 'stop this nonsense comedy career', adding: "I feel like an idiot."

But Kutcher and Kunis aren't the only ones who have invested in the cryptocurrency - one of its biggest supporters is Elon Musk.

Tesla recently sold 10 percent of its Bitcoin.

And the billionaire recently announced that Tesla had sold around 10 percent of its Bitcoin in an attempt to test out its liquidity.

The world's largest electric car company bought up a heap of Bitcoin recently, and obviously wanted to check how viable it all is by flogging off a significant amount of it.

The confirmation from Musk came after criticism from celebrity blogger Dave Portnoy, who took to Twitter to criticise what he called a 'pump and dump' strategy taken by Musk.

Portnoy wrote: "So, am I understanding this correctly?

"Elon Musk buys Bitcoin. Then he pumps it. It goes up. Then he dumps it and makes a fortune.

"Listen, I own 1 BTC but Bitcoin is exactly who we thought it was. Just don't be last 1 HOLDING the bag."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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