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Life-Sized Model Of Mandalorian Spaceship Crashes In Strong Winds

Life-Sized Model Of Mandalorian Spaceship Crashes In Strong Winds

The replica took a year to make, but an awful lot less time to fall apart as it was blown over in adverse weather conditions

It's pretty impressive that someone made a life-sized replica of the Razor Crest spaceship from The Mandalorian, but they can't have been too pleased when it ended up crashing due to strong winds - and the unfortunate moment was caught on film:

It turns out the Russian climate became too much for the iconic starship, which was made famous in the popular Star Wars spin-off series. In the series, it's used by bounty hunter Din Djarin - aka The Mandalorian, or simly Mando - as he roams the galaxy.

The model is 46ft in length and weighs about a tonne, but it wasn't strong enough to withstand the winds of Yakutsk, the world's coldest city. It blew over after being struck by a huge gust, blowing it apart.

It was installed on permafrost hill in a park, having been built by a group of local superfans - who have since said they'll be rebuilding their smashed-up spaceship.

Thankfully nobody was injured when the 13ft high gunship collapsed in the -15 degree temperatures.

Cosplayer Ayaal Fedorov and his co-creators unveiled the homemade model in March. It cost them about £7,300 to build and took more than a year to finish.

The replica model was powered by batteries. It had lights inside and out, as well as an engine which moved parts of the ship.

But sadly, the cold winter meant that the crew couldn't install the battery, with temperatures falling as low as -33 degrees at their coldest.

Fedorov explained that the intense wind had almost upended his car before laying waste to the starship.

"Of course, we will not give up, and I think that many people will support us," he continued.

"Everything will be fine."

Upon unveiling the model, he had said: "At the beginning of 2020, the pandemic hit.

"We, as Star Wars fans, and in particular, The Mandalorian fans, decided to create Razor Crest, knowing that no one had done it before.

"Doing the impossible, this was our inspiration."

The Siberian replica even had a car seat that was the perfect size for Baby Yoda - or 'The Child', to use his official name in Star Wars lore.

It was made to ensure a safe and comfortable passage through space for the beloved miniature alien.

Featured Image Credit: East2West News

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