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Moonpig Asks Customers To Stop Uploading Pictures Of Their Genitals To Cards

Moonpig Asks Customers To Stop Uploading Pictures Of Their Genitals To Cards

The personalised card company seems to think people are getting a little too personal

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Buying someone a generic birthday card from the shop is nice enough - 'Insert name, HOPE YOU HAVE A SPECIAL DAY, Insert name'. But with various sites now making it easy for people to design their own cards, more and more of us are taking the opportunity to create something a little more personal.

Whether it's an anniversary, a birthday or even a bereavement, a little picture of you two in a heart emblazoned with a little inside joke is bound to improve the situation. Better still, you can use the site to custom make cards with high definition collages of your genitals on the cover... or so you might have thought.

Tragically, it seems Moonpig at least has decided enough is enough, issuing a plea to the public asking that they stop uploading pictures of their genitals onto cards on their site. In a tweet posted on their account this (Wednesday) morning, the company said: "Please stop uploading pics of your genitals to our cards it is against our ts and cs."


The terms and conditions Moonpig is believed to be referencing state that pornographic or offensive material is not allowed to feature on cards. Whether your own genitals were deemed offensive remains to be seen.

Among the many to respond to the tweet was Rachel Hawkins, who said: "My Dad is very apologetic but he's going through a bad time. No excuse I know."

Moonpig replied: "As long as he's now aware."

Rachel then added: "I'm working on it. Best way to deal with this is to not let him to do your photo cards and just buy standard ones. Shame but it's the only way around it."

But Moonpig had another suggestion, tweeting: "Teach him to crop."

Many others on Twitter seemed to think the plea was sure to backfire.

One person said: "This is probably not the best way to stop people doing this. It's like a red rag to a bull. Heck, I'm even tempted now."

Another said: "Ok this is hilarious, but won't it now encourage others to do it... P.s can we please have an example of what not to send."


Meanwhile, another quite reasonably asked: "How else am I going to show my family how much I love them?"

It's a good question. Looks like we're all going to have to reassess how exactly we show our loved ones that we're thinking of them... the prospect of introducing pop-up cards of our genitals to the game is now probably off the cards.

Featured Image Credit: PA / 20th Century Fox

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