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More Than A Dozen Injured After Knife Rampage In Japan

More Than A Dozen Injured After Knife Rampage In Japan

Most of the victims are school children.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Nearly 20 people, including young school children, have been stabbed after a man went on a stabbing rampage in Japan.

Thirteen primary school children and six adults have been injured in the attack, along with the man believed to have wielded the knife.

According to AP, one child and one adult has died, however the fire department says one person has died.


A witness told Japanese broadcaster NHK: "There is a nearby elementary school bus stop and elementary schoolchildren are down and school bags are also scattered.

"A man was down on the bus stop of the city bus about 20m away from the elementary school bus stop with blood. Usually, it is a peaceful place and it is scary it happened."

Witnesses say the attacker stabbed himself in the neck after the rampage. He's since been detained by authorities.

More to come.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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