Morrisons Fuel Petrol Price War After ASDA Makes The First Move

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Morrisons Fuel Petrol Price War After ASDA Makes The First Move

When is a war a good war? When it's a fuel price war is the answer.

Earlier today it was announced that ASDA is set to slash 2p off its petrol prices, and now Morrisons has announced it'll match it.

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How appropriate considering its loyalty card is known as 'match and more'.

It means petrol will now drop to 114.7p per litre (to the national price cap) and diesel will fall to 116.7p per litre.

How we remember the days of petrol below a quid. Credit: PA


In fact, reports recently claim that petrol prices have risen by nearly 17 percent in the last year alone.

With rising costs, not just of petrol, we are forced to scrimp and save as much as we can.

Suddenly 50mph restrictions on motorways have become havens of fuel consumption saving drivers. Did you know driving 20mph less than the national speed limit can save 25 percent in fuel? (#geek)

Now you do.


We try and test our cars: just how far can they get when that orange light comes on?

But at no point do we encourage trying to test these limits, though. Our editor once wrote this comment: "If you break down because you've ran out of petrol, clogging up a lane on a motorway or main road, then you are officially the world's biggest dick." Just a timely reminder.

But there is this chart, which could help you in your search for a Morrisons or ASDA fuel station...


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You're welcome.

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