​Motorist's Ill-Advised DIY Windscreen Wiper Fix Has People In Hysterics

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​Motorist's Ill-Advised DIY Windscreen Wiper Fix Has People In Hysterics

A motorist's VERY ill-advised DIY windscreen wiper fix has TikTok users both in hysterics and completely bemused - it should hopefully go without saying, but don't try this one at home (well, on the roads) kids. Watch below:


The video was posted online by TikToker Stephen Keeling (stephenkeeling9), who had spotted the driver while travelling next to them on the road.

"That's enough for one day," Keeling wrote, adding in the video: "Someone stop the world I'm getting off."


The driver can be seen holding a string that has been attached to the windscreen wipers, tugging at it to make them move.

After being posted a few days ago, the video has racked up 3.5 million views and 230,000 likes - along with thousands of comments from baffled social media users.

"This man is a different breed," one said.

"He's learnt from Mr Bean," another wrote.


"Really? PMSL," a third added.

Credit: TikTok/@stephenkeeling9
Credit: TikTok/@stephenkeeling9

A fourth said sarcastically: "Innovation at its best... should see him on the phone eating a Mac when it's raining."

However, some others defended the driver, with one saying the same thing happened to them eight months ago, adding: "And before the Karens start my motor for wipers gave up and breakdown wouldn't recover me as it was wipers."


Another said: "It's not funny I've had to do this before hahahaha it was so embarrassing."

We don't know the context of why the anonymous motorist decided to move the windscreen wipers with string, but it may well have been out of desperation like those above.

However, drivers are legally required to ensure that all wipers are 'properly adjusted and maintained in efficient working order', according to the government website.

It reads: "Every vehicle fitted with a windscreen must have one or more efficient automatic windscreen wipers, unless the driver can obtain an adequate view of the road to the front without looking through the windscreen.

Stock image. Credit: Pixabay
Stock image. Credit: Pixabay

"Every vehicle required to have a windscreen wiper must also have a windscreen washer, unless it is: an agricultural vehicle first used before 1 June 1986; a tracked vehicle; a vehicle which cannot go faster than 20mph; a vehicle used to provide a local service (as defined in the Transport Act 1985).

"All wipers and washers which are required to be fitted must be properly adjusted and maintained in efficient working order."

Autoglass explains that a car may fail its MOT if the windscreen wipers are 'missing, insecure or in poor condition so that they do not clear the windscreen to give the driver a clear view of the road ahead'.


If caught out, you may be best reaching out to your breakdown recovery provider to see what they can do - or risk facing a hefty fine.

According to The Windscreen Company Group, if you are caught driving with a faulty windscreen wiper, you can be 'issued with a £50 fine'.

However, it adds: "There is a chance that the police might view this as dangerous driving, and they can issue you with a £100 on-the-spot fine. If the case goes to court, the maximum fine increases to £5,000."

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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