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Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor Dies After Getting 'Wrong Leg' Amputated By Doctors

Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor Dies After Getting 'Wrong Leg' Amputated By Doctors

Maria Dronova was hospitalised with gangrene in her right foot before medics made a disastrous error

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A mother who survived the experience of a Nazi concentration camp has died, just two weeks after doctors amputated the 'wrong' leg.

Maria Dronova had been admitted to a hospital in Russia at the beginning of the month, after her right leg became incredibly gangrenous.

However, surgeons at the hospital in Voronezh 'mistakenly' cut off the wrong leg, all the way up to her hip, and three days later they then removed the 'correct' leg.

This led to the 89-year-old being left in a dangerous condition - and it has now emerged that she tragically passed away today, 17 days after doctors first operated on her.

Maria underwent two operations after being admitted earlier this month.
East2West News

Her son Andrey Dronov is now fighting for justice, and demands that those responsible for his mother's death are brought to justice and punished for their actions.

Maria's family has launched a legal battle after the mother, who was a teenager when she was forced to live in a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War, had to endure two incredibly traumatic operations, losing both her legs and then dying just days later.

An hour after her first operation, surgeon Olga Doludina told Maria's relatives it was finished and their mother was okay.

Andrey and his wife Katya - who is a doctor herself - went into the room to take a look at her, but after they lifted up the sheets to see how it had gone, they saw that surgeons had cut off the wrong leg.

Maria's son claims doctors removed the wrong leg and deny responsibility.
East2West News

However, according to her son, doctors now claim she needed both legs amputating, which Andrey disputes and says he had a private conversation with the head of the surgery department, Vladimir Khrenov.

Andrey said that Khrenov did not know how to explain the situation, calling it 'terrible'.

The local health authority said: "The patient was hospitalised with conditions to both legs. The left leg with acute circulatory disorders caused the greatest threat. Considering that, the doctors decided to amputate it."

Andrey has accused the hospital of not telling the truth, saying: "Everything they say is a lie. They made a mistake and now they are trying to cover it up."

Maria died 17 days after she was first operated on.
East2West News

According to Andrey, his mother had oedema, swelling caused by an excess of bodily fluids, in her left foot and ankle due to poor circulation.

He added: "I am not saying that her left leg was healthy, but there was no need to amputate it."

Police opened a criminal case on causing grievous bodily harm through negligence.

Nobody has been detained so far. The investigation is ongoing.

Featured Image Credit: CEN/east2west

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