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New Duvet Cover With Zips Makes Changing Sheets Easier Than Ever

New Duvet Cover With Zips Makes Changing Sheets Easier Than Ever

Why has nobody thought of this before?

A new ingenious invention is about to make that wrestle with the duvet cover when you're trying to make the bed a thing of the past.

Designed by Ben King and Luke Gray, both 30, the Koa cover makes changing the sheets all the easier, thanks to its unique three-zip opening.

The new bedding starts at £69 ($81) - a small price to pay - and features one central zip on the top and two on the bottom.

Making the bed will now be a fun activity, apparently.

Why has nobody thought of this before please?

Ben King explained: "This design allows you to fold the cover open for a simple, three step change. You lay the open cover on the bed, drop the duvet on to the cover and tuck in the corners and then zip closed.

"It is so quick and simple with no heavy shaking, climbing inside or fiddly buttons."

The idea was all inspired when Luke's nan struggled to make the bed on her own - and who can blame her?

There are even different designs to pick from.

Ben said: "Luke's gran was the kick for us to make the Koa duvet cover. She was having to wait for her daughter to visit, or ask her neighbours to help make the bed.

"We have had so many people in similar situations reach out to us, which has made the project really rewarding."

Koa will available on the company's website in the next few weeks.

Luke said: "Climbing into fresh, soft sheets is one of the best feelings - 77 percent of people in our survey said they sleep better on fresh sheets - but changing the bed is one of the most hated chores.

"We're on a mission to take the hassle out of changing the bed and make fresh sheets more delightful."

Delightful indeed.

The pair even tried and tested it on their pals.

Ben said: "I turned up to my friend's 30th Birthday with one prototype and we had everyone making the bed."

Hmm, not sure I'd be happy with that one, but still, tests have got to be done.

He continued: "We prototype loads of ideas, prototypes always inspire new ideas. We made most of the prototypes on a sewing machine in our lounge to start with and then started working with a local garment factory as we got closer."

And they've even tested it out on the woman who inspired the whole thing.

Ben added: "Even Luke's grandma was able to change the bed for the first time in years."

Featured Image Credit: Koa

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