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New Study Finds The Key To A Long Life Is Being Lazy

New Study Finds The Key To A Long Life Is Being Lazy

We're closing in to the end of summer, which means roll on colder weather, stodgier food, and longer nights cuddled up on the sofa doing a whole lotta nothing.

Although you might feel inclined to try to keep active during the colder months to counter the indulgence in couch-time, a new study has found that being lazy is a solid way to extend your life... kinda.


According to recent research published this week in the Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Science, animal species with a higher metabolic rate are more prone to extinction than those that are just a bit more chilled out.

Luke Strotz, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Kansas' Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum, said in a press release: "Those that have lower energy maintenance requirements seem more likely to survive than those organisms with a higher metabolic rate."

Now let it be known that the team of experts heading the study looked at molluscs, so don't reside yourself to a bed-bound life just yet.


Nevertheless, you might still be interested to know that those molluscs with a low energy expenditure survived for a lot longer than those that had higher energy, meaning scientists are now hoping to apply this research in their research on other species.

Humans next? We could certainly do with some scientific evidence to back up why we need to spend so many hours chilling out.

Strotz added: "We see these results as generalisable to other groups, at least within the marine realm.

"Some of the next steps are to expand it out to other clades, to see if the result is consistent with some things we know about other groups."

So the next stages will be for the scientists to examine the connection between metabolism and extinction in other animal groups to understand the findings further.

Bruce Lieberman - professor of ecology and evolutionary biology - added to the conversation by stating:

"Maybe in the long term the best evolutionary strategy for animals is to be lassitudinous and sluggish - the lower the metabolic rate, the more likely the species you belong to will survive.

"Instead of 'survival of the fittest,' maybe a better metaphor for the history of life is 'survival of the laziest' or at least 'survival of the sluggish'."

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