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​Saudi Arabia Announces New Theme Park Inspired By Oil Rigs With Rollercoasters And Submarines

​Saudi Arabia Announces New Theme Park Inspired By Oil Rigs With Rollercoasters And Submarines

The world’s ‘first tourism destination inspired by offshore platforms’ will 'provide a multitude of hospitality offerings'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Saudi Arabia has announced it is launching a huge theme park inspired by off-shore oil rigs - yup, oil rigs - complete with roller coasters, helipads, bungee jumping, skydiving and more. Take a look below:

Funded by the country's Public Investment Fund (PIF), The Rig will be located in the Arabian Gulf, with the site spanning a combined total area of more than 150,000 square metres.

Billing itself as the world's 'first tourism destination inspired by offshore platforms', the theme park will feature three hotels and 11 restaurants interlinked by connecting platforms.

Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

According to PIF, it will also 'provide a multitude of hospitality offerings, adventures, and aquatic sporting experiences', with The Sun reporting these include go-karting, zip-lining and bungee jumping - along with water sports such as jet skiing and even submarine rides.

Guests will also be able to get to The Rig either by cruise ship or by helicopter, with gondolas running between the park's various platforms.

Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

A press release says: "The Rig is a project in the tourism and entertainment sector, one of PIF's key strategic sectors, and is expected to be a significant value-add to the local economy. Additionally, to ensure the sustainable preservation of the environment in the project's vicinity, the project will follow leading global standards and best practices, further supporting the Kingdom's broader efforts on environmental protection.

"This project is a unique tourism attraction, expected to attract tourists from around the world, while being especially popular with citizens and residents of the GCC countries in the region."

Since the new theme park was announced, adrenaline junkies have been sharing their excitement on social media.

Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

One person tweeted: "This looks AWESOME. Can we have one in the North Sea just off Newcastle coast?"

Someone else said: "Wow this looks amazing!!"

A third added: "This looks like the most exciting thing in tourism I have seen in a long time. What a great idea!"

Others, meanwhile, were reminded of a horror movie when watching the promotional video - something that will no doubt work in its favour when the park starts welcoming guests.

One wrote: "This looks like a horror film."

Another commented: "Legit thought this was a parody trailer for a dystopian horror movie."

Someone else said: "This absolutely looks like the start of a teaser for a survival horror game."

A fourth joked: "Will Mark Wahlberg be in this?"

While there isn't yet an expected opening date, the theme park reportedly hopes to attract 100 million tourists each year by the end of 2030.

Featured Image Credit: Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

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