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Jacinda Ardern Sends Firefighters From New Zealand To Help With Bushfire Crisis

Jacinda Ardern Sends Firefighters From New Zealand To Help With Bushfire Crisis

Dozens are also being sent from Queensland to assist their mates down south.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

New Zealand's Prime Minister has announce 22 firefighters will be sent across the Tasman to help their Aussie brothers and sisters in arms.

Crews in New South Wales and Victoria have been working around the clock for weeks and will understandably appreciate having a helping hand.

Jacinda Ardern said: "The devastation caused by these fires is taking a substantial toll on our Australian neighbours and we will continue to do what we can to assist as they deal with this extremely dynamic, dangerous and ongoing situation.

"It's simply devastating to see the scale of the loss."

NSW RFS/Facebook

But they won't be the only team heading to the worst hit areas.

More than 70 firefighters, both paid and volunteer, from Queensland have also answered the call and will head down south to help out their mates.

In addition to the firefighters, the Sunshine State will be sending 20 firefighting appliances, including aircraft, according to the Brisbane Times.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Greg Leach said: "We've had a long, hot dry bushfire season in Queensland, it's been an arduous season, but when we put the call out, our people have put their hand up and said they're only too willing to go and help NSW."

The people who have put their hands up to come down say they are thrilled to help.

Channel 7

RFS volunteer and senior firefighter Caitlyn Forsyth told the Brisbane Times they can't sit back and watch other Aussies suffer.

"They would do it for us," she said.

"I think everyone is going to help out - it's community spirit, and that's what we're all about as volunteers, just helping our community. And they might not be our local community, but we're all Australians, so if we can help out, why not help out."

Several New South Wales volunteer firefighters went up to Queensland before Christmas to help with bushfires.

Many volunteers working in NSW have been using work holidays to ensure they can stay out in the field; some haven't seen their families in weeks and they're desperate for a bit of time off.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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