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NSW Records No New Coronavirus Cases For The First Time Since Pandemic Started

NSW Records No New Coronavirus Cases For The First Time Since Pandemic Started

Victoria was the only state or territory not to record zero new cases over the past 24 hours.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

New South Wales has recorded no new coronavirus cases for the first time since the pandemic started in Australia.

After more than 6,000 tests done over the past 24 hours, none came back positive, marking a big milestone for the state.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is thrilled by the announcement, however warned that residents have to be vigilant.

She said: "Please assume you have the coronavirus, don't assume it's just a cold or the flu.


"We desperately need to maintain a high level of testing as restrictions are eased to make sure we identify as many cases as possible so that we don't have any of that community to community transmission which unfortunately will cause the virus to spread.

"Now, as I've been saying for a number of weeks now, as we ease restrictions, there is no doubt the number of cases will increase.

"And we should measure our success by making sure we have a good level of economic activity and normality in our lives while a manageable rate of case numbers.

"That is our objective, to get that balance right, but also to make sure we keep everybody as safe as possible and in particular protect those most vulnerable in our community."

New South Wales will relax rules on Friday to allow up to five people to visit another household. Cafes, restaurants, libraries and other places will be allowed to open their doors as long as they adhere to social distancing rules.

Gatherings of up to 10 will be allowed outdoors, in cafes and restaurants, at weddings and other religious gatherings. Up to 20 mourners can gather for indoor funerals, 30 for outdoor funerals.

But in bigger news, NSW was joined by six other states and territories to record zero new Covid-19 cases, according to the Daily Mail.

The only state that had a small outbreak was Victoria, who registered 17 new infections.

Queensland has announced that there were six cases recorded, however none of them are new as they are Queenslanders diagnosed and treated in other states who have since recovered.


Queensland Health Minister Steve Miles said: "They are all cases that were tested and diagnosed in other states and those states have since advised us that they were Queensland residents.

"Four were tested and diagnosed in Victoria and they were passengers of a cruise ship. The other two were diagnosed in Western Australia.

"They are all now recovered, so our number of active cases remains at 19."

There are now only 681 active cases in Australia, with 6,170 cases recorded since March.

New South Wales has the most amount of cases at 3,053, followed by Victoria on 1,494 and Queensland on 1,045.

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