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One Boy Trapped In The Thai Cave Helped Save His Mates With His Knowledge

One Boy Trapped In The Thai Cave Helped Save His Mates With His Knowledge

Details are starting to emerge, and there were a lot of heroes

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

After the dramatic escape of the 12 young footballers and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, details are now starting to emerge.

The details tell the story of the boys themselves, and the heroes who faced great difficulties to make sure that everyone got out of there safe and sound.

One of the stories that really hits home is the tale of Adul Sam-on, a 14-year-old member of the Wild Boars team.

According to the New York Times, Adul was born in Myanmar, in a difficult area that is famous for drugs trafficking, guerrilla gang warfare, and opium growing.

His family were in abject poverty, illiterate, and without much to their name whatsoever. His parents managed to sneak Adul into Thailand in the hope that he would have a chance for a better life, and the possibility to go to school. He was the only one of his five siblings to get that chance.

He got his chance, and seized it with both hands.


According to his teachers, he is one of the top students in his class, but it was another skill of his that helped get his mates out of the cave.

Adul is fluent in English, Burmese, Wu, and Mandarin. Once the divers - who were British - showed up, he was able to communicate the group's needs to them in their own language.

That's a pretty amazing thing to be able to do when you've been trapped in a dark cave for several weeks with no light and no food or fresh water. Amazing.

Adul is just one of the heroes that have emerged from the cave.

Obviously, the Thai Navy Seals who dived down to make sure each and every one of the boys (and their coach) got out alive deserve a lot of recognition.

A photo emerged the other day that showed four of them leaving the cave looking like absolute badasses. Full frogman suits, wraparound glasses, the lot.


Over the course of three trips, they traversed the tough terrain and acted like the heroes that they are the whole time.

They even kept going after one of their fellow divers - Saman Kunont - who was himself a former Navy Seal - died in tragic circumstances down in the cave.

Kunont - who had volunteered himself to go down there - died whilst on a mission to put oxygen tanks further in the cave.

They're all heroes.Featured Image Credit:

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