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OnlyFans Model Says She Was Kicked Out Of £18,000-A-Week Rental For Sharing Bikini Selfie

OnlyFans Model Says She Was Kicked Out Of £18,000-A-Week Rental For Sharing Bikini Selfie

Karley Stokes was supposed to be at the house in Florida for a week with some friends, but was kicked out after less than 24 hours

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

An OnlyFans model from south Florida is fuming after she said she was kicked out of a rental property for posting a selfie in a bikini by the pool.

Karley Stokes, 29, spent $26,000 (£18,000) to rent the holiday home in Florida for a week, but was kicked out after less than 24 hours.

According to Stokes, trouble started almost immediately with the manager of the property quickly turning sour on her and the group of friends she'd brought along for the holiday.

Stokes said: "She acted like everything was OK but after leaving she looked up our Instagram accounts and came back several hours later.

"She claimed that she knew we were going to be shooting porn at their location because of our past Instagram posts."

The picture Karley says resulted in her being booted out of the holiday home.
Jam Press

Stokes says the group were in fact there just to relax and shoot yoga videos. However, it seems like the property manager was unconvinced.

Stokes said: "She acted like we were doing something wrong and it made me super uneasy.

"The property manager kept acting like we were doing something wrong and kept warning us not to have a party or to do porn outside."

Insisting that they were only sitting around relaxing, the model went on to say: "The whole time she was saying the spiel we were all just kind of rolling our eyes because she was blatantly discriminating against us."

Once the property manager left, the group breathed a sight relief - but things went from bad to worse at a BBQ the following afternoon as a security guard showed up at their door to remove them from the home.

Jam Press

According to the model, he also threatened to call the police if the group did not comply.

Stokes is convinced the reason for their eviction is due to a photo of her in her bikini at the house's pool that she posted on Instagram.

She said: "We were in the backyard at the pool - where I had taken an Instagram picture - and at about 1pm, a hired security guard showed up at the house and tells us our lease has been terminated and that we have to leave or they would call the police.

"We were forced to leave after not even being there 24 hours.

"I was literally shocked and embarrassed at how unfairly we were treated, when we broke no rules at all."

Jam Press

Stokes later spoke to the property manager, who suggested a partial refund on the $26,000 might be possible.

However, a spokesperson for VRBO told LADbible: "The guest used the holiday home as a photo and video production studio for commercial use, which is a violation of the house rules set by the host and agreed to by the guest in the rental agreement prior to the stay.

"Because the house rules were violated, the guest is not eligible for a refund for the booking."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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