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Papa John Has Done A Cribs-Style Tour Of His Mansion For TikTok

Papa John Has Done A Cribs-Style Tour Of His Mansion For TikTok

Papa John Schnatter has filmed a Cribs-style video for his TikTok channel, letting fans into his huge Kentucky mansion, and it's pretty incredible. Check it out:


The multi-millionaire is the founder and former CEO of the popular US pizza chain Papa John's, having stepped down from his position in 2018 following a racism row.

But it would seem that with an abundance of free time, John has jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and given followers a sneak peek into his $11 million (£9m) home.

Opening the large wooden doors, the 58-year-old says: "Howdy, Papa John. Welcome to my crib."

He then backs up into the lobby of his palatial pad and shows off what at first appears to be a sculpture of an eagle.

For those in doubt, the caption reads: "This isn't just a sculpture, it's a clock!"


But rather than just leave it at that, John goes a bit David Attenborough, explaining: "Eagles go up several thousand feet and mate all the way down. Right before they hit, they separate so they don't get hurt or killed. Perfect timing.

The bonking clock. Credit: TikTok/John Schnatter
The bonking clock. Credit: TikTok/John Schnatter

"Eagles mating clock, spins four times an hour." He winks. "Check it out."

He then shuffles on over in his bootcuts towards the library.

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He says: "This is where I film... footage. Err, this is where I work, write letters."

Sadly, however, we don't go any further - although we are promised a 'Part 2' in future.

Prising the door open, he adds: "Stay tuned, you gotta keep following me. Maybe next time, maybe."

Since the short clip was shared to his account, it's garnered quite the reaction from fans. I mean, there's a lot going on and not all of it concerns the house.

Retweeting the clip, one viewer wrote: "Strong jeans and sheux game from Papa John."

A second commented: "Don't let the giant bald eagle statue clock distract you from the bootcut jeans."

While another added: "Papa John the last man rocking the bootcut."

However, others were just amazed by his choice of decor.

Sharing the video, one person said: "Papa John is giving a tour of his house. It's exactly what you would think."

Another wrote: "Papa John has a giant statue of eagles f***ing in his foyer and we are just glazing over it..."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/John Schnatter

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