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Google Maps Users Baffled By Glowing Houses Branded 'Proof Of Alien Lasers'

Google Maps Users Baffled By Glowing Houses Branded 'Proof Of Alien Lasers'

Although it looks like there's a far more reasonable explanation...



People have been left baffled by a Google Maps image showing houses that appear to be glowing, with some branding it proof of 'alien lasers'.

The picture was uploaded to Reddit by u/xmaxer who said that it was taken from an island off the coast of Ireland.

The original post reads: "I found these houses which are very brightly lit (You can see other house in contrast are normal).

"Anyone have any ideas what this is or why this is glowing?"

Google Maps

People took to the comments section to offer up their theories on what could be going on, the best (and most far fetched) coming from user DoremusMustard.

"Lasers. It's space alien lasers."

Their comment received a few responses, including one who seemingly referenced Marjorie Taylor Greene, a GOP Congresswoman who once blamed California wildfires on space lasers controlled by the Rothschilds.

In reply to this remark, DoremusMustard joked: "I assure you, Marjorie ain't no friend of mine for one, and for two, this is space alien lasers

"Space. Alien. Lasers."

We hear you, buddy.

A far more reasonable, albeit less exciting theory is that the shining lights have something to do with the sun.

"Sun reflection off a glass or very shiny metal surface," wrote one user, while another said: "Reflection of the sun, possibly from a glass structure."

A third added: "I have seen this effect on glass office towers and factories with glass roof panels. It's some kind of glass that happened to directly catch the angle of the sun."

While some people said it might be solar panels, one of the commenters explained: "Solar panels shouldn't shine like this. They are made to absorb the sun and not reflect it."

So there you have it - while we can't rule out the possibility of aliens, looks like there's a far more reasonable explanation.

The same can't be said for an alleged 'alien base entrance' that was similarly spotted on Google Earth.

Scott C. Waring, who is based in Taiwan, runs a website and YouTube channel called ET Data Base, along with its sister project UFO Sightings Daily.

In May 2020, Waring said he discovered a mysterious 'underground base' on a 'secluded island in Indonesia', and decided to add contrast to the image to help see what was going on in greater detail.

Measuring the opening with Google ruler, Waring says the 'doorway' is around 20 metres long, while the larger area around it measures just over 46 metres across.

After stating, "That's big enough to get a lot of alien ships in there," another YouTuber commented, "I think this is an entrance specifically for the interstellar ships.

"It is well known that Reptiloids (original species of our planet) use cigar-shaped ships or cylindrical shaped ships. And now. Look at the shape of the entrance! It's clearly for their ships!"

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