People Are Horrified That Many Bank Notes Are Made Of Animal Fat

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People Are Horrified That Many Bank Notes Are Made Of Animal Fat

The UK's fancy fivers and tenners caused a bit of an uproar when they were launched nationwide - mostly because they were waterproof and super durable, which was mint, but also because it turned out that they contained tallow, a type of animal fat.

Obviously this wasn't great for several groups, including vegans and members of the Hindu and Sikh faiths, among others.

But the UK isn't the only place with money that isn't quite as vegan-friendly as people had realised.

In fact, the controversial animal by-product is actually used for the physical currency of several other counties, including Australia.


Project Nightfall - a page by vlogger Nas Daily - posted a three-minute video to Facebook revealing that the currency of at least 23 countries contains the hard, fatty substance that derives from rendered animal fat.

"THIS VIDEO IS ZERO FAKE NEWS!" the video's caption read.

"Yes, money is not vegetarian friendly! But what about other products? Unfortunately, I was surprised to see that there are TOO MANY animals in TOO MANY products."


The video then begins with the warning: "This video is not friendly to vegans, Muslins, Hindus and Jews."

It continues: "Turns out money has some meat in it. Yes! The Canadian $5 note holds a nasty secret. You see, the ingredient that makes this note so nice and slidy and anti-static is called tallow, and essentially is fat that can only be made from pig, beef or lamb."

According to the video, other counties include the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The video goes on to say that even our mobile phones contain animal parts.

"Apparently some phone screens contain cholesterol," the video explains.

The post has had 640,000 views and thousands of shares, along with hundreds of comments - many of which came from shocked animal lovers.

One person wrote: "Omg I don't want to ever have money again! And I don't want to touch my cell phone anymore it just feels gross!"


Someone else said: "WHAAAAATTTTTT?????? Omg this is definitely a wow fact!!!"

Another commented: "Omg it's really mind-boggling!!I agree with your statement about we depends on animal so much.. it's sad to think we exploited them so much."

Someone else suggested: "That is really horrible to hear. But, we can all limit cruelty of animals in our daily life by going vegan and using cruelty free products. Its sooo easy."


Others, meanwhile, were quick to defend things - saying that it was a good use of animal by-products.

One Facebooker commented: "I know it's bad but you need to think of it another they are finding different uses of the left over animals in stead of wasting when they can make full use of all of it yes I am an animal lover and yes I eat meat but if they get killed for sport like fox hunting I don't agree but if they are killed humanly and not horrible then that's fine."

Another quipped: "Any of the vegans who don't want their money due to this, just send it my way, I will dispose of it properly for you."

Featured Image Credit: Project Nightfall/PA

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