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​People At The Storm Area 51 Event Have The Best Signs

​People At The Storm Area 51 Event Have The Best Signs

Over in the Nevada desert, things are getting weird

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

I don't think any of us really knew what to expect for today: the day of the long-awaited 'Storm Area 51' event, which started as a joke on Facebook and grew into something truly ridiculous.

Well, it turned out people actually showed up - and they didn't come empty-handed, either.

Photos from the festivities reveal the Area 51 crew have been busy with the arts and crafts ahead of today's big event, showing off some pretty inventive signs.

Yup, while people across the world are marching in the global Youth Climate Strike, holding up signs urging people to 'Act now' and 'Save the planet', over in the Nevada desert things are a little more, erm, leftfield.

One sign simply read: "CLAP ALIEN CHEEKS."

Another begged: "SAVE E.T. FROM THE GOVERNMENT."

Someone else had written: "RAID THAT ALIEN BOOTY."

Mind you, while these signs are pretty great - if not a little weird - we all know the best thing about the event hasn't really been the signage. It was this guy:

The KNTV reporter in the middle of a live news segment was upstaged by a random person behind him Naruto running past the camera - a reference to the original event's description, which told people: "If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them aliens."

It really does get better the more you watch it.

Reporter Joe Bartels was live in Rachel covering the final preparations for Alien Stock, the alien-themed festival planned to tie in with the Area 51 raid.

Bartels said: "There's lots of campers and RVs because there's no hotel rooms in this isolated area.

"But there are people, we're told, coming in from around the world and especially across the country interested to see what happens after that viral idea to storm Area 51 - that secret military base not far from here.

"Authorities are expecting up to 30,000 people to show up during the course of this three-day music festival, which begins tonight."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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