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People Coming Into Australia Will Spend 14 Days In Hotel To Ensure They Self-Isolate

People Coming Into Australia Will Spend 14 Days In Hotel To Ensure They Self-Isolate

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined new measures to ensure people who come into the country self-isolate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

New arrivals have been asked to stay at their home for 14 days to ensure they don't pass on the coronavirus.

However, some people have been flouting that rule.

As a result, Mr Morrison has ruled that all people coming into our country from tomorrow midnight will have to spend two weeks in a hotel or government facility.

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All Australians Coming Home From Overseas Will Have To Self-Isolate For Two Weeks

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The Prime Minister added that if you live in Tasmania but fly into Melbourne, you will have to stay in Melbourne for two weeks before you're allowed to go home.

The measure is designed to ensure everyone is adhering to the rules.

"[This] enables us to deal with the increasing pressure we have of Australians coming home," he said in a press conference.

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