People Divided Over What's Being Said In Bizarre Audio Illusion


People Divided Over What's Being Said In Bizarre Audio Illusion

Social media users are divided over what's being said in a weird audio illusion - check it out and see what you hear:


The video looks like it may have originally been posted on TikTok, but was also shared on Reddit yesterday - racking up more than 44,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

In the clip, we hear people chanting a phrase, with text in the video giving the option of nine different phrases:


Bart Simpson bouncing
Rotating pirate ship
That isn't my receipt
Lobsters in motion
That is embarrassing
Lactates in pharmacy
I'm chasing Martian
Baptism piracy
That isn't mercy

Which one did you hear? Or did it change as the clip continued?

Some people heard something else altogether, with suggestions including 'lattes in pharmacy', 'lactating piracy' or even 'lactating parachute'.

Many people claimed audio was quite clearly football fans chanting 'this is embarrassing', but others argued that applying logic to the illusion wasn't part of the fun.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

One wrote: "It's very clearly sports fans repeating 'that is embarrassing'. Also helps that none of the other word combinations makes any sense for people to be chanting."

Someone else even linked to a Derby County football chant as proof.

But in response, another said: "Yeah. But most of us aren't lame and can acknowledge that it's fun when your brain can be tricked into hearing something else. Do you really think we were wondering if it was a chant about lactation?"


Another commented: "Even though I know now it is saying 'that is embarrassing'.... I hear 'that isn't mercy' much more strongly, and default to 'Bart Simpson bouncing' if I don't think of anything."

Many others also said they heard the phrases as they appeared in the list - meaning 'Bart Simpson bouncing' was the first one that sprung to mind.

One explained: "I thought I could vaguely hear the Bart Simpson one at first, due to the post title putting it in my head, but it didn't really sound right. None of the others sounded even vaguely right until I read 'that is embarrassing', at which point it was obvious. I couldn't make it sound like any of the others from that point on."

Another agreed: "It changes for me instantly depending on the phrase I 'choose' to hear."



Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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