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People Furious Over Tiger Being Used For Gender Reveal In Dubai

People Furious Over Tiger Being Used For Gender Reveal In Dubai

Social media aren't best pleased with the tiger being used for a gender reveal.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Social media users are fuming over footage of a tiger being used for an extravagant gender reveal in Dubai. Watch below:

Many of us see Dubai for being a place filled with wealth, where anything can happen - even tiger-themed gender reveals.

As shown in the footage, the tiger appears to be on a beach next to the Burj Al Arab hotel, where it's faced with some balloons filled with mist that'll reveal the gender of the baby.

The tiger then jumps up and pops one of the balloons with its claws.

Pink mist bursts out of it, revealing that the baby is going to be a girl.


The clip was originally captioned: "Gender reveal gone #wild congrats mama.

"Disclaimer - tiger was not harmed and plastic was disposed of, relax everyone."

The video was then reposted on Instagram by Lovin Dubai, where negative comments began flooding in.

One user wrote: "This is beyond problematic...on so many levels."


A second added: "Not cool at all."

A third said: "Ridiculous, wild animals shouldn't be pets."

While another user wrote: "Lol no wildlife activist seeing this?"

A fifth concluded: "A tiger's place is in wilderness not as pet in Dubai or anywhere else."

LADbible have approached the mum-to-be for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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