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​Plaque Erected For Guy Who Slipped On Ice In Dublin 10 Years Ago

​Plaque Erected For Guy Who Slipped On Ice In Dublin 10 Years Ago

You may remember the man affectionately known as 'the guy who slipped on the ice', who found viral stardom 10 years ago when he slid on a patch of ice in Dublin during a TV segment.


While many have tried to confirm the identity of the slippery stranger over the years, he has never come forward to bask in his unlikely fame.

The clip came from an RTÉ news segment from Dublin's Church Street, where adverse weather one January had made for particularly icy conditions.

In the report from Dublin correspondent John Kilraine, we see our anonymous member of the public hit a nasty patch of ice and completely deck it. Amusing, yes, but it also looks pretty painful as his head thwacks the pavement.

But now his tumble has been honoured with a special commemorative plaque, which was erected by Coors.

Credit: Coors
Credit: Coors

It reads: "In honour of 'The guy who slipped on the ice' on RTÉ News January 8th 2010.

"Your memory lives on."

Conor McIntyre, Senior Brand Manager at Coors Light said: "There are a few key moments on Irish television that are memorable enough to talk about again and again. We felt this deserved a resurgence.

"We've recently completed The Rockies Awards, rewarding victories in life, big and small and we thought this lad definitely deserved some recognition for making it on to RTÉ News, ten years ago!"

Many people are enjoying the throwback to the instantly-iconic moment, with one person tweeting: "10 years since 'the guy who slipped on the ice' and there is a plaque to commemorate him, amazing."

Another wrote: "Oh my god. They put a plaque up to the guy that slipped on the ice live on the news #neverforget #whereishenow."

A third said: "This has made my day, always wondered who the 'guy who slipped on the ice' was..."

Many others were left wondering about the man's whereabouts now, with one suggesting someone should make a documentary on him.

The obvious drawback is that no one knows who the bloke is - but if there's one thing we all learnt from Don't F*** With Cats, it's that even the bizarrest of mysteries can usually be solved with a little (a lot of) digging.

Plus, you never know, maybe this fancy commemorative plaque might encourage the guy to come forward.

In the meantime, at least we can all sleep easy knowing he was 'fine' after his rather spectacular fall.

In a thread on Twitter, a man called Colm McCaughey said he was the cameraman on duty that day for RTE and had been out on the streets of Dublin shooting with Kilraine.

McCaughey recalled that the person 'said he was fine after the fall', adding: "I was out all day covering the snow and in fairness @DubCityCouncil had done a great job on most paths, that shot happened at the end of the day near the court's office.

"We were just about to wrap and I left the camera in record and yer man came galloping along."

Featured Image Credit: RTE

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