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Playboy Bunnies Reveal Secrets Of Living In The Mansion

Playboy Bunnies Reveal Secrets Of Living In The Mansion

Former Playboy bunnies have spoken out about what it was like to live with Hugh Hefner

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Playboy bunnies have revealed the secrets of living in Hugh Hefner's mansion.

Ahead of 2022 A&E documentary Secrets of Playboy, the bunnies have already given an insight into what it was like to live in the Playboy world.

Holly Madison lived in the mansion for seven years and has been very vocal about her experiences in the past - with the release of her informative memoir Down the Rabbit Hole.

Holly told People: "The Mansion wasn't a place where confidence was built.

"It was a place where manipulation was used to keep everyone scrambling to keep her spot in the house.

Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison.

"There was so much competition among the other women. I learned not to confide in certain people. There was a lot of fear. If I could go back and do things differently, I wouldn't be scared of people.

"And I'd push the boundaries a lot more. The number of times I stuck up for myself at the Mansion I could probably count on one hand."

Kendra Wilkinson revealed there was a strict curfew at the mansion and was ordered to be home before her other housemates.

She wrote in her memoir: "Nights were hard because while my Playmate friends got to go out and party, I would have to be home by 9pm.

"I'd get a text message from a girl that read, 'Having so much fun in Vegas. Wish you were here! Partying with all these football players,' and that was devastating.

YouTube/A and E

"I felt so trapped and angry when I was missing out on something good,"

Bridget Marquardt left the Playboy Mansion in 2009 and says that Hef was so strict about visitors that she had a difficult time when she wanted to return for a visit in 2017.

She told Australia's The Morning Show in 2017: "[Hugh and I] kind of lost contact, and I tried to go back to the mansion. He told me there was always an open door any time I wanted to go back, but I heard that's not quite true lately.

"So, I actually called and tried to go to the mansion earlier this year, and I'm just sort of getting the runaround, so I haven't heard back yet if I'm allowed up there."

YouTube/A and E

Ahead of the documentary's release, Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming for A&E said: "The fantasy world of Playboy has been shrouded in secrecy for decades and we are proud to lift the veil on these long-hidden stories.

"Breaking down barriers and exposing the truth, Secrets of Playboy is a masterful example of brave storytelling that takes an unflinching look at the personal effects of Hugh Hefner's empire."

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