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Police Form Human Chain To Rescue Woman From Sinking Car

Police Form Human Chain To Rescue Woman From Sinking Car

She had fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into a river

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Police in the US formed a human chain to save a woman from drowning in a sinking car. Watch bodycam footage of the dramatic rescue bid here:

The 24-year-old driver crashed into the Mahoning River in Alliance, Ohio, on Sunday night (22 November) after she lost control of her vehicle on River Street.

By the time officers arrived at the scene at around 9.25pm, the woman's car was almost entirely filled with water and she had moved to the rear seat in a bid to escape it.

She was unable to open a door and exit the vehicle due to the pressure of the surrounding water, so officers acted fast and formed a human chain, before smashing open a window and enabling her to escape.

Lieutenant Dave Bair said she may have died if they had arrived just 30 seconds later.

Speaking to The Canton Repository, he said: "She had just gotten off work and fell asleep. I believe she lives in Sebring.

The accident could have turned out much worse for the driver.
City of Alliance Police Department

"Her car was almost full of water when the officers pulled her out of the river. They communicated well and got her out of the vehicle.

"If these officers had been late by 30 seconds, I don't know if she would be here."

Fortunately, she came away from the ordeal with nothing more than minor injuries.

Lt. Bair said: "She had some facial injuries. She did go to the hospital. She was treated and released.

"You can die pretty quickly in cold water by hypothermia.

"That water is 40 degrees right now."

City of Alliance Police Department

Firefighters also reported to the scene and deployed a rope system to help officers back up the bank.

The officers who conducted the rescue were named as Christian Tussey, Shane Tallman, Joe Amabeli, Chris McCord and Lee Rose.

They were rightly lauded for their efforts on Facebook after the City of Alliance Police Department shared the video.

Commenting on the footage, one person said: "Incredible rescue. Please nominate these officers for their heroic bravery and saving a life."

A second said: "Omg so scary!! Great job officers getting her safely out of the car!!!"

Bravo chaps, bravo.

Featured Image Credit: City of Alliance Police Department

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