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Politician Claims He Has 'No Idea' That Boris Johnson Is Sat Next To Him

Politician Claims He Has 'No Idea' That Boris Johnson Is Sat Next To Him

Tory MP Kit Malthouse didn't realise Prime Minister Boris Johnson was sat near him when he claimed he didn't know where he was.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

In an interview with Good Morning Britain this morning (5 October), Tory MP Kit Malthouse was asked about Prime Minister Boris Johnson and claimed that he didn't know where he was... all while Johnson was sat a couple of feet away from him.

You can watch the live TV blunder unfold below:

While being interviewed live from the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, the Tory MP was asked by GMB host Alastair Campbell: "Is he [Boris] honest all the time?"

To which Malthouse replied: "In my experience, yes he is."

"Are you having to say that because he is sitting right next to you, Mr Malthouse?" Susanna Reid then asked.

Malthouse shook his head instantly and claimed: "No, I don't know where he is."

But at that very moment, the cameraman hilariously turned the camera to the MP's right-hand side, where Johnson was seen sitting with a reporter whilst being interviewed.

"I have no idea where he is..." Malthouse repeated before the penny dropped.

"Oh, he's right there."

Good Morning Britan/ITV

Campbell then added with clear annoyance: "There he is, he's talking to Tom Newton Dunn, ex of The Sun, now of Times Radio, one of Rupert's [Murdoch] people and he won't talk to us."

This clearly hit a nerve with Malthouse as he fired back: "Is there any chance we could talk about something of substance and importance to the British people today?

"I realise, Alastair, that you're there to try and make some kind of political point and I'm not sure everyone would regard you as an impartial observer in these matters."

The interview then quickly moved onto much more serious matters, such as crime policing and prison sentences for people found guilty of rape in comparison to the sentences given to people defacing memorials.

The Conservative Party Conference kicked off in Manchester on 3 October and will go ahead until tomorrow on 6 October.

The Prime Minister, his cabinet members and other members of the Conservative Party have been present to discuss numerous subjects such as Covid-19 measures, Brexit, and the ongoing fuel crisis.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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