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President Bush Once Vomited On Japanese Prime Minister And Collapsed During State Banquet

President Bush Once Vomited On Japanese Prime Minister And Collapsed During State Banquet

The incident occurred back in 1992, during a 12-day trip to discuss trade and policy

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

In 1992, then-US President George Bush once vomited on Japan's Prime Minister, before collapsing during a state banquet, with video footage of the incident having recently resurfaced:

Japanese PM Kiichi Miyazawa was hosting a dinner in honour of Bush's visit, which had been set up to discuss the United States' economic policies following the end of the country's 'Cold War' with the USSR.

Prior to falling ill, he seemed to be in good health, having even enjoyed a game of tennis doubles with the Emperor of Japan and his son earlier that morning.

However, while he was sat at the banquet table that evening, he suddenly leaned to the side and vomited straight into the lap of the Prime Minister - which you'd have to be imagine would be considered awkward, from a diplomatic point of view.

As you can see in the video, Bush's wife Barbara rushed to his aid as soon as he collapsed, along with members of the secret service.

Within moments, it seemed that he was revived and he left the dinner unassisted - afterwards he apologised to the Japanese PM too.

Well, you'd imagine so.


Doctors later came to the conclusion that the president had suffered from acute gastroenteritis - which is usually caused by viruses, although eating dodgy food or drinking contaminated water can cause it too.

Luckily, the then-POTUS later felt fine.

Back home in the US, the incident inevitably made front page news, with a Saturday Night Live sketch bizarrely comparing the incident to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Bush tried his best to keep a lid on it publicly - bet he wished he could have done that at the banquet - but the incident was largely considered by many to affect his public image both in the short and long term.


Bill Clinton was his opponent in the presidential election, and the Arkansas-born Democrat's victory later that year was no doubt helped by Bush's very public illness.

Still, he got to see his son George W. Bush serve two terms as President of the United States of America between 2001-2009.

Yet, even today, the time the American President threw up on the Japanese PM is still considered to hold a special place in Japanese humour.

The Japanese phrase 'Bushuru' roughly translates 'to pull a bush' and it became a common slang word for vomiting after what happened.

Oh well, at least he made his mark in one way or another.

Copy: Anish Vij

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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